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> High performance, flexible polymer, “ready to use”, stain resistant grout

Available in 23 colors.

1 gallon pail (14 lb)

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CHROMAFLEX grout is a technologically advanced, flexible polymer, “ready–to–use”, single component and stain resistant, colored grout . CHROMAFLEX’s unique blend of water cleanable flexible polymer and specially colored, graded silica / aggregates provides for a superior “stain resistant” grout that is UV stable colors (non-yellowing). No sealing is required. The advanced technology eliminates any potential of eorescence. The grout allows maximum color uniformity because there is no cement, water or additives mixing with the grout. CHROMAFLEX grout flexible polymer based grout will resists bacteria, mold, fungus and associated bacterial stains. The advanced flexible polymer based resist subtle movement, vibration, flexing that would cause
conventional cement based grouts to show minor cracks.

> “Ready to use” – single component
> Crack resistant and flexible to minor movement  
> Grout is self-sealed / no sealer required  
> Stain resistant grout  
> Color match every time – new installation or repair  
> Easy water clean-up, “grout & go”  
> Extra grout can be saved & used on another installation  
> No efflorescence – cement free product