My epoxy grout joints have low spots across the floor, why?

The epoxy has settled under the tile due to voids within the setting material. Always obtain a full coverage of setting material around edges of tile during installation if grouting with epoxy grout.

The epoxy grout joints in my floor are rough with low spots, why?

This would generally result from a soft sponge during clean up, not using enough water during clean up and not filling the joints properly during installation.

My epoxy grout has pinholes in it?

Air was trapped in grout mix during application; excessive water and agitation used during clean up; soft float used instead of a hard rubber float for installation of epoxy; lack of full coverage of setting material under tiles.

My epoxy grout is still soft three days after installation?

Improper proportioning of grout ingredients; grouting when there is standing water in grout joints; grouting when temperature is below 65 degrees during and after installation; mixing other non-approved products in the EpoxyPlus 2002. TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002 is packaged with the exact amounts of all ingredients to be mixed in their entirety for a particular grouting application.

My epoxy grout is discolored and inconsistent in color?

The EpoxyPlus 2002 grouting material was improperly mixed; setting material exposed in the joints; cleaning with contaminated water/ water buckets; using cleaning residue to fill voids in original application of grout; all of these can contribute to discolored epoxy grout.

There is a sticky, shiny film on my tile floor after grouting with EpoxyPlus 2002?

If the installation is 24 hours old or less, try a mild, dish soap and a white scrub pad. If the installation is less than 72 hours old, use C-Cure Citrus Cleaner with a white nylon scrub pad. If the installation is 7 days or older, an epoxy haze remover type chemical will be needed.