When can I use TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002 epoxy grout instead of cement grout?

Practically anywhere cement grout is normally used, EpoxyPlus 2002 can replace it. The few exceptions where EpoxyPlus 2002 would not be the best choice; grouting absorptive dimensional stone that could show a ‘picture frame’ darkening from the epoxy, and limited use with glass tiles, check specific glass tile manufacturers guidelines.

How much TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002 would I need for my tiling project?

Visit the Application and Coverage Charts area of the TexRite website to use the calculator feature in determining the amount of epoxy grout needed.

I am planning a master bath remodel, would epoxy grout be an option instead of cement grout?

I am planning a master bath remodel, would epoxy grout be an option instead of cement grout?

Do I need to use a grout release or pre-sealer when grouting with epoxy?

Typically no. The exception might be when grouting a highly porous tile or one with a rough textured surface. Then, the use of a grout release or pre-sealer might be needed to help during the clean-up procedure after grouting. Instead of pigments, TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002 utilizes aggregate that is color coated so the color does not stain or discolor the tile. If unsure, do a small test area and check for discoloration.

Can I use epoxy grout outdoors?

Yes. TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002 can be used outdoors for most applications. Note: The lighter colors could darken with age from exposure to UV light rays.

Can I start an epoxy grouting installation one day and complete it several days later without color variation issues?

Yes. TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002 will give you the luxury of completing the grouting over several days while maintaining a true and consistent grout joint color. An important benefit of TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002 is the total absence of any water or colored cement grout in the mixed product. EpoxyPlus 2002 is packaged complete, with all of the required powder and liquids and an added bonus of the mixing container. Whereas, with cement grouts, day-to-day, or mix-to-mix water variation and environmental conditions will affect the final color of the grout.

Why is epoxy grout so expensive to install over cement grout?

This could be classified as an epoxy myth considering present day epoxies. Comparing TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002 epoxy grout to cement grout is somewhat involved when searching for the answer to this question. To begin with, one must compare a cement grout that has been sealed with a ‘premium’ grout sealer to TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002. Next, with TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002 there are no concerns with efflorescence, color fade from over washing and inconsistent color from excess water during clean-up, to name a few. Yes, the installer will use more sponges, scrub pads and a few towels with TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002 that are not needed with cement grout, but the cost per square foot comparison is very revealing. TexRite EpoxyPlus 2002 grout will normally price out at .19 to .22 per square foot as compared to cement grout with a premium sealer pricing out at .27 to .30 per square foot material cost only, not the installed cost. NOTE: This comparison is based on a 1,ooo square foot floor using 16”x16” ceramic tile with a 3/16” grout joint width